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Metal processing machinery industry will create new opportunities

In recent years, poor air quality in our country, haze pollution plagued the majority of the country's cities. People living long-term in the absence of sunlight environment inside, at the same time, haze harmful substance in eroding the people's health. Faced with this situation, on the topic of environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, the environmental protection for the industry, especially the influence of manufacturing industry increasingly significant, mechanical hardware industry affected by the policy of environment protection has become more and more obvious.

With a new round of haze weather, the environmental protection industry is mentioned again. Now the high energy consuming industries blind development has become China's transformation of the mode of economic development of the way, it also highlights China's economic transition are faced with the dilemma. A new government attach importance to environmental protection engineering degree significantly, which also contains the mechanical hardware industry planning. For now, China's actual situation, environmental protection without too much sophisticated technology, mainly driven by policies, the "country of ten" introduced is expected to form the effective driving force. Of course, haze governance will be a long period events, in this process, market and policy changes will continue to appear, related industries are events stimulating and demand boost will continue for a number of years. Which will inevitably appear all sorts of repeated, need to adhere to the perseverance and firm faith.

Some types of products will change the mechanical hardware industry in the process of governance. LNG products such as the rise in demand in recent years, Xugong, Xiagong, Reza heavy machine are introduced new energy excavators, loaders, concrete pump vehicle. According to the building materials network understanding, along with the central financial funds for environmental protection investment, and understand the local government deepened, new environmental pollution projects, governance transformation of the original industrial engineering will increase. These on mechanical hardware processing industry will demand and create new opportunities.

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